Purchase Reports Guide

[Updated by The Dipo Legal Team on 8th June, 2023]

DIPO Buyer Protection™ - Instructions for reporting delayed, damaged, and lost orders

DIPO emphasizes customer experience, that's why Buyer Protection refers to a set of policies to protect the rights and interests of customers in the most comprehensive way. These protections are designed to provide customers with confidence and security when engaging in commercial activities as well as potential problems that may arise when purchasing through our company.
When you have trouble with your parcel, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access our website and navigate to the "Dipo Tracking" section. Fill in your order information in the “Order Number” or “Tracking Number” section.

Step 2: Move to the “Protected section” and select the specific order you wish to track, and you will be provided with estimated-time updates on its current status, including shipping and delivery information.

Step 3: In the “My package was delayed” section, you can submit a complaint for refund support. In the “My item(s) was damaged” section, you can provide us with pictures of the damaged order and send feedback if you need support. In the “My item(s) was lost” section, you can provide us with the necessary information to compensate for your loss.

If there are any problems with your order, we will be happy to resolve them for you.
The order review time after you make an issue report is around 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
In case your complaint is true, we will review and refund your money.
See more about our buyer protection policy at the following link: Buyer Protection™

Thank you for choosing us. Hope you have a wonderful shopping time!

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