Consumer Dispute Resolution

FAQ: If you have a problem with your order, an order not received, an order with missing products, an order that is delayed, damaged and lost.

Please don't worry, we always prioritize our customers' interests.
Please contact us via email or Facebook chat to find out the problem with your order. 

support@dipoltd.comFacebook Support

After confirming the problem with the order. We will provide solutions based on Shipping, Refund,  Return and Buyer Protection™.

Please refer to the Purchase Reports Guide article for detailed reporting instructions.

  • If your order receives missing products, or does not receive the shipment within the time our store provides in the shipping package selection section. You can contact us or we will contact you on your order email.

We have a team of staff with many years of experience in customer care globally, and a very smart international shipment tracking system. Therefore, we understand all problems with your order.
Incidents such as delayed, damaged, and lost orders. We will contact the buyer to re-supply the product if the customer agrees!

Thank you for choosing us. Hope you have a wonderful shopping time!

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