Vietnam National Symbols Throughout The History

Vietnam National Symbols Throughout The History - Dipo Store


Vietnam National Flag

When President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence to commemorate the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, the national flag of Vietnam was raised for the first time in that location. It has a red backdrop and a rectangular shape with a five-pointed gold star in the center. Vietnam flag is the symbol of an independent and united country. 

Flag of Vietnam

“Ao Dai” – Vietnamese Traditional Dress

Its body-hugging top flows over wide pants, and the gown's splits reach well above the waist, making it comfortable and simple to move in. Vietnamese women are recognized for having long, lean bodies, and "ao dai" is well known for its ability to "cover everything, but hide nothing." However, it never loses its classic qualities of flatter decency and harmony for people who wear it. Therefore, it is quite difficult to imagine a more exquisite, demure, and yet seductive outfit that flatters ladies of all ages than the "Ao dai," which is a representation of Vietnamese national culture.

Traditional dress of Vietnam

Lotus - Vietnam National Flower

Both visually and olfactorily, lotus blooms are exquisite. They congregate near the mud, but they still smell pristine and upright, much like Vietnamese people. Vietnamese people maintain their integrity and uprightness despite their many challenges. Vietnamese culture has deeply ingrained the lotus as a representation of simplicity, friendliness, and purity. 

Vietnam National Flower

Non La – Vietnamese Conical Leaf Hat

Although "non la" may not be as frequently utilized in the daily lives of Vietnamese living in metropolitan areas of the country nowadays, the conical hat firmly retains a symbol of Vietnam and is still widely worn throughout the nation. The concept of "non la" has been central to Vietnamese culture for thousands of years and continues to be so now. The Vietnamese beauty, elegance, and romance are definitely symbolized by a white "non la," which can be seen anywhere.

Traditional Vietnamese Hat

Pho - The Indispensable Beauty of Vietnam

One of the highlights of Vietnamese cuisine is Pho Vietnam, also referred to as Vietnamese noodle soup. One of the most well-liked street dishes in nearly all of Vietnam's major cities, including Hanoi, Halong, Nam Dinh, and Ho Chi Minh City, is pho. Pho is currently the only meal that can truly capture the spirit of Vietnamese cuisine.

(Source: MODOHO)

Pho - Vietnamese Cuisine

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