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UV Resistant Outdoor Artificial Flowers

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Option: 5pcs
Color: White
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Product Description
UV Resistant Garden Flowers

Elevate any space with our UV Resistant Outdoor Artificial Flowers. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these lifelike blooms add vibrant beauty to weddings, parties, gardens, and home decor. With various colors available, they offer endless decorative possibilities.


UV Resistant:

These artificial flowers are specifically designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without fading or deteriorating, making them ideal for outdoor use in gardens or other outdoor spaces.

Versatile Use:

With their lifelike appearance, these artificial flowers are suitable for a wide range of occasions and settings including weddings, parties, home decor, kitchen embellishment, and garden landscaping, adding a touch of beauty to any environment.

Durable Material:

Crafted from high-quality plastic, these artificial flowers are durable and long-lasting, ensuring they maintain their appearance and shape over time, even with regular use.

Long-Lasting Artificial Flowers
Outdoor Decorative Flowers

Realistic Appearance:

The flowers are intricately designed to mimic the look and feel of real flowers, with detailed petals and natural-looking colors, providing the beauty of real flowers without the need for maintenance.

Multiple Colors:

Available in various colors such as white, yellow, orange, pink, and red, these artificial flowers offer versatility and customization options to match different themes, color schemes, or preferences.

Perfect Size:

With a total length of 14,17 inches, these flowers strike the perfect balance between being noticeable and elegant. They add volume to arrangements without overwhelming the space, making them ideal for creating stunning decor displays.

Easy to Use:

Arriving in a bundle, these artificial flowers are easy to place and arrange in different settings, allowing for effortless decoration and creating stunning floral displays with minimal effort.

High-Quality Artificial Flowers
UV Protected Garden Flowers


Material: Plastic

Decoration for Wedding, Party Home, Garden, Kitchen Decor, etc

Total length: 14,17 inches

Package Includes:

1 x UV Resistant Outdoor Artificial Flowers (optional versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones. Thanks!

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