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350ml Smoothie Portable Juicer

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Product Description
Smoothie Juicer for busy lifestyles

The 350ml Smoothie Portable Juicer offers convenient blending and juicing on the go. With its USB rechargeable feature, compact design, and powerful 10-blade system, it efficiently blends fruits and extracts juice, making it perfect for enjoying fresh beverages anywhere. Easy to use and clean, it's a versatile and durable kitchen companion.


USB Rechargeable:

This feature allows the blender to be conveniently charged via USB, providing flexibility in charging options. Users can charge the blender using common devices such as power banks, laptops, or car chargers, eliminating the need for traditional power outlets.

Portable Design:

The compact and lightweight design of the blender makes it easy to carry and use on the go. Whether for travel, office, or outdoor activities, its portability ensures users can enjoy fresh juices and smoothies wherever they are.

10 Blades, 350ML Capacity:

With 10 sharp blades, the blender efficiently blends and juices fruits, ensuring smooth and consistent results. The 350ml capacity is suitable for single servings or small batches, catering to individual needs without waste.

Portable Juicer with rechargeable battery
Compact Smoothie Juicer for travel

Easy to Use and Clean:

The blender features user-friendly operation with simple controls, allowing for easy blending and juicing with minimal effort. Additionally, removable parts facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the blender remains hygienic and ready for future use.

Durable Construction:

Constructed of durable materials, the blender is built to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity and reliability. This feature enhances the blender's durability, providing users with a long-lasting kitchen appliance.


Acting as both a blender and a juicer, the appliance offers versatility in beverage preparation. Users can blend fruits into smoothies or extract juice directly from fruits, accommodating diverse preferences and dietary needs.

Easy to Drink Straw Straight Drink Hole:

Designed with a convenient straight drink hole, allowing for easy sipping directly from the blender cup without the need for additional utensils or pouring.

Healthy drinks with 350ml Portable Juicer
Portable Juicer for fitness enthusiasts


Charging Port Shape: Round

Functions: Juicing, Ice Crushing, Stirring, Milk Shake, Mixing, Solid Food

Capacity: 350Ml

Housing Material: TRITAN Material/Stainless Steel

Power: 10W

Dimension: 19.5*8.5Cm

Package Includes:

1 x 350ml Smoothie Portable Juicer (Optional Versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones. Thanks!

Easy-to-use 350ml Smoothie Juicer Powerful blending with Portable Juicer
350ml Smoothie Portable Juicer Smoothie Portable Juicer for healthy living
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