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Woodworking Scale Mitre Saw Protractor

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Product Description
Professional Mitre Saw Protractor

Woodworking Scale Mitre Saw Protractor - a top-of-the-line tool meticulously crafted to elevate precision and efficiency in woodworking tasks. This protractor delivers an array of features designed to facilitate accurate measuring, cutting, and shaping, making it an indispensable asset for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals.

Aluminum Alloy Construction:

The protractor boasts a robust aluminum alloy construction, ensuring durability and resilience. This high-quality material guarantees longevity and consistent performance, making it a reliable companion for a wide range of woodworking applications.

O-Shaped Design with 360-Degree Rotation:

Featuring an innovative O-shaped design, this protractor allows for smooth and seamless 360-degree rotation, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in measuring and marking angles, supporting meticulous woodworking projects.

Durable and Portable:

The protractor's durable construction allows for portability without compromising its performance. Its robust build enables it to withstand the rigors of woodworking tasks while remaining lightweight and easy to transport, making it a versatile tool for various work environments.

Durable Scale Mitre Saw Protractor
Precise angle measurement tool

Easy Marking and Measuring:

With its user-friendly design and precise markings, the Woodworking Scale Mitre Saw Protractor simplifies the process of marking and measuring angles, streamlining woodworking tasks and ensuring accuracy in every cut and shape.

Enhanced Accuracy:

The protractor's meticulous design and construction contribute to enhanced accuracy in woodworking projects, allowing for confident and precise angle measurements, ultimately resulting in impeccably crafted woodwork.

Versatile Applications:

Suited for a wide range of woodworking projects, this protractor is adept at measuring and marking intricate angles, ensuring its adaptability to diverse cutting and shaping requirements, thus making it an indispensable tool for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Mitre Saw Protractor with scale
Woodworking angle protractor


Material: Aluminum alloy.

Color: Black.

Size: Approx. 18.5x6.3x1cm/7.28x2.48x0.39inch.

Package Includes:

Angle gauge: 1 piece.


Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

The product image shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary. Thanks!

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