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Fine Sanding Sticks

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SET: SET A (50Pcs)
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Product Description
Sanding Sticks for Tight Spaces

The Fine Sanding Sticks have rightfully earned their place as the go-to solution for achieving precision and finesse in any sanding and polishing endeavors. Whether for plastic modeling, woodworking, jewelry making, or any other detailed projects, these sanding sticks stand tall as the ultimate choice for impeccable finishing.


Fine Finishing Precision:

These sanding sticks boast the ability to provide an impeccable finish, catering to the intricate requirements of plastic modeling projects. They excel in removing rust, corrosion, tough glue residues, and other imperfections, ensuring a flawlessly smooth surface.

Enhanced Maneuverability:

Featuring ergonomic wooden handles, these sanding sticks are engineered for a comfortable grip, guaranteeing enhanced control during sanding and polishing tasks. Additionally, their small tip design allows for reaching challenging, detailed areas and tight spaces with minimal effort.

Versatile Applications:

Beyond their proficiency in plastic modeling, these fine detail sanding sticks are ideal for various high-volume sanding jobs. From woodworking to intricately designed handmade items and jewelry, their versatility knows no bounds in catering to multiple sanding requirements.

Durable Sanding Sticks for Woodworking
Fine Sanding Sticks for Plastic

Rough Sanding Capabilities:

Equipped with a 280-grit abrasive cleaning rod, these sanding sticks shine in handling rough areas, be it in woodworking projects or plastic modeling. This grit is meticulously selected to provide the perfect tool for flawless rough area sanding.

Durable Construction:

Crafted for durability and reliability, the Fine Sanding Sticks guarantee longevity, ensuring consistent performance even through extensive use. This robust construction is instrumental in maintaining optimal sanding and polishing efficiency.

Precise Polishing:

Leveraging their small design and varied grit options, these sanding sticks offer exceptional precision when it comes to polishing, making them indispensable tools for achieving exquisite and intricate finishes on various materials.

Comfortable Sanding Sticks
Professional Sanding Sticks


Size: About 13.7cm

Material: Wood

Colour: Wood+Black

Package Includes:

1 x Set A - Fine Sanding Sticks (50 Pcs)

1 x Set B - Fine Sanding Sticks (100 Pcs)


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