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Woodworking Punch Locator Carpenter Tools

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Color: Yellow
Style: Only 1 locator
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Product Description
High-quality Punch Locator

The Woodworking Punch Locator Carpenter Tools offer unparalleled precision and convenience for woodworking enthusiasts. Crafted as a brand-new, premium solution, this tool is designed for quick, accurate determination of pin corners, edges, or surface joints, ensuring precise alignment and maximum joint strength in woodworking projects.


Premium Quality: The Woodworking Punch Locator Carpenter Tools are brand new and constructed from premium materials, ensuring reliability and longevity for woodworking applications.

Accurate Pin Alignment: This tool provides rapid and precise determination of pin corners, edges, or surface joints, streamlining the woodworking process and enhancing accuracy in joinery.

Wear-Resistant Metal Bushings: The inclusion of wear-resistant metal bushings guarantees precise alignment when drilling holes, optimizing the accuracy of woodworking joinery projects.

Ergonomic Punch Locator design
Compact Punch Locator

Adjustable Fence: The adjustable fence enables accurate positioning of the pin, facilitating maximum joint strength and ensuring precise alignment for achieving durable woodworking connections.

Versatile Joinery Capabilities: The Woodworking Punch Locator Carpenter Tools facilitate edge-to-edge, T, and edge-to-corner connections, offering versatility and adaptability for diverse woodworking requirements.

Industrial-Grade Plastic Construction: Made from industrial plastic with high impact resistance, sturdiness, and durability, this tool is designed to withstand the demands of carpentry work while ensuring a long service life.

Reliable Woodworking Punch Locator
Punch Locator for DIY projects


Type: Jig for drilling

Colour: Yellow/Blue

Material: ABS

Weight: 0.17kg

Package Includes: 1 x Woodworking Punch Locator Carpenter Tools (optional version).


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement. 

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