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Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit

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Size: 8mm
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Product Description
Adjustable Plug Cutter Drill Bit

Whether you're creating tenons, dowels, or requiring precise cutting and shaping, this tapered sealing plug cutter stands as a must-have tool in the artisan's workshop, redefining the standards of efficiency and convenience.


High Carbon Steel Construction:

The Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit is forged from hardened high carbon steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and resilience. This robust composition enables the cutter to withstand rigorous woodworking tasks, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

Open Body Design:

Its open body design offers unparalleled convenience by allowing plug clearance during operation. This feature streamlines the process, providing efficient and seamless performance, proving to be an indispensable feature in woodworking projects.

Shear Angle Design:

The shear angle design sets these cutters apart as the easiest cutting tools on the market. This innovative configuration contributes to their superior cutting efficiency and precision, ensuring smooth and accurate operations during woodworking, and further validating their status as an optimal addition to the woodworker's toolkit.

Non-slip Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit
Ergonomic Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit

Universal Tool for Various Applications:

This plug cutter serves as a universal tool for an array of woodworking procedures, including making tenons on round or square blanks, creating dowels up to 3 inches long, and allowing for the automatic injection of plugs. Its adaptability enhances the woodworking process, offering efficiency and precise results in a variety of applications.

Compatibility and Adaptability:

Equipped with 1/2-inch handles, this plug cutter is designed to be compatible with drilling machines, lathes, and horizontal boring machines. This broad compatibility and adaptability extend its functionality across different woodworking tools, allowing for seamless integration into various workshop setups.

Versatile Size Configurations:

The Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit covers a wide diameter range from 8 to 40mm and lengths between 140mm to 160mm, catering to diverse woodworking needs with precision and flexibility. This versatile sizing ensures the tool's applicability to a broad spectrum of woodworking projects, making it an ideal choice for craftsmen of varying expertise and woodworking tasks.

Compact Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit
Reliable Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit


Type: Tenon plug

Material: High carbon steel

Diameter: 8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,15mm,16mm,18mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,40mm

Application: For professional dowel and screw connection in wood.

Package included:

1 PC x Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit


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