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Magnetic Fraction Learning Math Toy

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Product Description
Fun Fraction Math Learning Toy

A fun and interactive educational tool designed to engage children in the concepts of fractions using a tactile and visual approach. This wooden learning toy serves as a teaching aid in the form of a book and makes an ideal gift for children.

Wooden Learning Toy:

Crafted from premium quality wood, this magnetic fraction learning math toy is designed to provide a tactile and durable learning experience, ensuring longevity and sustainability.

Teaching Aids Wooden Book:

The toy's format as a wooden book enhances its interactive and engaging nature, making it a unique and captivating learning resource that encourages hands-on exploration of fraction concepts.

Ideal Gift:

As an educational and entertaining toy, the magnetic fraction learning math toy makes an ideal gift for children, promoting both learning and play in a single creative package.

Magnetic Fraction Board for Kids
High-Quality Educational Math Toy

Safe & Fun to Learn:

With its wooden construction and magnetic pieces, this toy offers a safe and secure learning environment for children, ensuring they can explore the concept of fractions in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Visual and Tactile Learning:

The magnetic fractions provide a visual and tactile representation of mathematical concepts, allowing children to physically interact with and manipulate the pieces, thus deepening their understanding of fractions through sensory engagement.

Comprehensive Learning Tool:

This math toy offers a comprehensive learning experience, covering various aspects of fraction concepts, including identification, comparison, addition, and subtraction of fractions, providing a well-rounded educational value.

Engaging Fraction Learning Tool
 Portable Magnetic Fraction Set


Material: wood

Age range: 2-8 years old

Products include: bookcase * 1, sticker, pen * 1

Package Includes:

1 x Magnetic Fraction Learning Math Toy


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Durable Magnetic Fraction Pieces Child-Safe Fraction Learning Math Toy
Educational Fraction Learning Board  Fun and Interactive Fraction Toy
High-Quality Magnetic Math Learning Toy Portable Fraction Learning Tool
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