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HRC55 Milling Cutter Drill Bit

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Product Description
Milling drill bit with extended lifespan

Elevate your machining projects with the HRC55 Milling Cutter Drill Bit, a high-performance tool designed for precision and durability. Crafted from premium materials, this milling cutter is engineered to deliver exceptional cutting efficiency, making it an indispensable addition to any professional or DIY toolkit.


Tungsten Cobalt Alloy Construction:

Made from high-quality tungsten cobalt alloy, the Milling Cutter Drill Bit offers outstanding strength and durability. This robust material ensures the drill bit can withstand high temperatures and heavy-duty use, making it perfect for demanding machining tasks.

Milling Cutter Design:

The innovative milling cutter design provides excellent cutting performance, allowing you to achieve smooth and precise cuts with minimal effort. This design is ideal for various materials, including steel, aluminum, and other metals, ensuring versatility in your projects.

Full Grinding Edge:

Featuring a fully ground edge, the Milling Cutter Drill Bit ensures sharp and clean cuts. This precise edge reduces friction and heat build-up, prolonging the tool’s lifespan and maintaining its cutting efficiency over time.

High-speed cutting with HRC55 tool
Milling cutter for CNC machining

Sharp Cutting Performance:

The sharp cutting performance of this milling cutter drill bit allows for efficient material removal, reducing machining time and improving productivity. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-precision applications where accuracy is paramount.

High Hardness Rating:

With a hardness rating of HRC55, this drill bit is exceptionally hard and resistant to wear. This high hardness ensures that the tool maintains its edge and performance even after prolonged use, providing reliable results consistently.

Versatile Application:

The milling cutter tool is suitable for a wide range of applications, from intricate detailing to large-scale machining projects. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for both professional machinists and DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their tool collection.

Durable drill bit for metal cutting
HRC55 milling tool for workshops


Material: Tungsten Steel, Carbide

Color: Grey, Copper Color

Length: 50mm

Package Includes:

1 x HRC55 Milling Cutter Drill Bit (Optional Versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones. Thanks!

High-precision CNC milling bit Industrial drill bit for metalwork
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