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Hexagonal Extended Thread Drill Bit

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Product Description
High-performance hexagonal drill bit for DIY

The Hexagonal Extended Thread Drill Bit features an alloy head and is hexagonal, designed for precision and durability in woodworking. It supports various drill types and comes in sizes from 16mm to 25mm, making it ideal for versatile and efficient drilling tasks in both DIY and professional settings.


Precision and Efficiency:

The extended thread design provides stability and precision during drilling, minimizing wobbling, accurate holes in various materials, including wood and metal. This allows you to create detailed woodworking projects with professional-looking results. Whether you're installing door locks or crafting custom furniture, this hole opener ensures precision every time.

Built to Last - Superior Durability:

Constructed from alloy material, the drill bit offers durability and longevity even under tough working conditions. This ensures that it can handle repeated use without wearing out quickly, making it a reliable choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional users.

Versatility for Diverse Applications:

Available in various sizes (16/18/20/22/25mm), this hole opener caters to a wide range of woodworking needs, from small pilot holes to larger openings for hinges and dowels. This versatile tool is suitable for a wide range of tasks, including door lock installation, cabinet making, and general woodworking. This makes it an essential tool for both hobbyists and professionals. Homeowners can tackle various DIY projects, while tradespeople can benefit from its adaptability to diverse job requirements.

Extended thread drill bit for accurate drilling
Hexagonal bit for professional use

Enhanced Portability - Take Your Drilling Anywhere:

The small size and lightweight construction make the hole opener easy to carry and store. This is ideal for contractors and field service workers who need to transport their tools frequently. It ensures you have a reliable drilling solution wherever the job takes you.

Effortless Workflow - Save Time and Focus on Your Project:

The hole opener is designed for quick and easy attachment and detachment from drills, minimizing setup time. This improves efficiency, allowing you to spend more time working on your project and less time preparing tools. This is especially beneficial for busy job sites when switching between tasks is crucial.

Compatibility and Recommendations:

The drill bit is compatible with various drill models, but it's important to note the recommendations for optimal performance. Users of charging drills are advised to use higher voltage models (36V or 48V) to ensure sufficient torque. Additionally, adjusting the speed for metal drilling, keeping it within 1000 RPM, helps optimize drilling efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of the drill bit.

DIY enthusiasts using hexagonal drill bit
Extended thread drill bit for heavy-duty projects


Handle: Hexagonal Handle

Size: 16/18/20/22/25Mm

Applicable Models: Wind Drill, Electric Drill, and Electric Hand Drill.

Attention for Users of Charging Drills: The 12V Charging Drill has Insufficient Torque and is not Recommended for Use. It is Recommended to Use 36V and 48V Charging Drills.

Package Includes:

1 x Hexagonal Extended Thread Drill Bit (Optional Versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones. Thanks!

Hexagonal bit for precision woodworking Durable hexagonal extended thread drill bit
Hexagonal drill bit for superior performance Versatile hexagonal bit for home improvement
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