Wood Carving Knife Whetstones

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Product Description
Wood Carving Knife Whetstones

The Wood Carving Knife Whetstones - a quintessential tool meticulously designed to enhance the sharpness and longevity of woodworking knives. Crafted with durability and sustainability in mind, these whetstones offer a range of features that cater to wood carving enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Durable Construction:

These whetstones are engineered using robust materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability, providing the user with a durable sharpening tool that stands the test of time.


Designed with environmental responsibility in mind, the Wood Carving Knife Whetstones are crafted using eco-friendly materials, contributing to sustainable and eco-conscious woodworking practices.

Sharpening Precision:

The whetstones facilitate precise and effective sharpening of wood carving knives, ensuring that blades are honed to a razor-sharp edge, allowing for intricate and detailed woodworking tasks.

Wood Carving Knife Whetstones
Wood Carving Knife Whetstones

Versatile Applications:

With its ability to sharpen various types of woodworking knives, these whetstones are versatile tools that cater to a wide array of wood carving and shaping requirements, providing a comprehensive sharpening solution for different knives.

Enhanced Blade Longevity:

By maintaining the sharpness and edge of woodworking knives, these whetstones play a pivotal role in extending the longevity of the blades, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring consistent cutting performance.

User-Friendly Design:

The whetstones are designed to be user-friendly, enabling woodworkers to maintain and sharpen their knives with ease, fostering a seamless and efficient wood carving experience.

Wood Carving Knife Whetstones
Wood Carving Knife Whetstones


Material: Corundum

Brand: Sharp Pebble

Color: Blue & Orange

Product Dimensions: 5.35"L x 3.93"W x 0.98"H

Item Weight: 2 Pounds

Grit Type: Coarse & Fine

Package Included:

1pc x 400 Grit

1pc x 1000 Grit

Set A ( 400 Grit + Base )

Set B ( 1000 Grit + Base )

Set C ( 400 Grit + 1000 Grit + Base )


Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

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