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Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill

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Product Description
Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill

Convert your mini electric drill into a handy electric chainsaw with this Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill. Perfect for trimming branches, woodwork, and more, it's compact, easy to install, and equipped with a durable blade for precise cutting. Versatile and efficient, it's a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Mini Electric Drill to Saw Conversion:

This adapter facilitates the transformation of your mini electric drill into a practical electric chainsaw, allowing for effortless cutting of branches, tree pruning, woodwork, and other materials. It provides versatility in your DIY projects and outdoor tasks.

Compact and Lightweight Design:

With its compact and lightweight construction, the conversion head offers excellent portability and maneuverability. It is easy to carry around, making it suitable for outdoor use or transporting between workstations.

Easy Installation and Use:

Designed for user convenience, the conversion head can be quickly and securely mounted onto your mini electric drill without requiring any specialized tools. Its intuitive design ensures hassle-free installation and operation, saving you time and effort.

Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill
Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill

Durable Saw Blade:

Equipped with a robust saw blade, the conversion head delivers reliable cutting performance across a range of materials. Whether you're working with wood, plastic, or PVC, the durable blade ensures clean and precise cuts, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


This conversion head is a versatile tool that can handle various tasks with ease. From trimming branches in your garden to cutting PVC pipes in your workshop, it offers versatility for a wide range of applications, catering to different project requirements.

Perfect Size:

Featuring a 4/6-inch saw blade diameter, the conversion head is suitable for cutting materials of specific thicknesses. This size offers flexibility in handling different types of materials and ensures compatibility with a variety of cutting tasks.

Saw Adapter for Mini Electric DrillSaw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill
Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill


Applicable models: Electric Hand Drill to Electric Saw

Materials: Alloy + Plastics

Guide Plate Size: 4Inch/ 6Inch (Optional)

Suitable for: 6-13Mm Three-Jaw Collet Drill

Dimensions: 224*93Mm

Package Includes:

1 x Set Saw Adapter for Mini Electric Drill (Optional Versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones.