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Multiplication Table Learning Board Game

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Product Description
Multiplication Table Learning Board Game

The Multiplication Table Learning Board Game is not just an educational toy, but a fun and interactive way for kids to learn math. With its engaging design and interactive features, it makes learning math concepts, particularly multiplication, an enjoyable experience for children.


Perfect Gift:

This educational toy makes learning math very fun, serving as the perfect gift for kids on various occasions. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or Halloween, this game is designed to engage and captivate children, making it an ideal present that combines learning with fun.

Educational Math Game:

Learn while playing. The multiplication board game helps children recognize numbers and fosters the development of their intelligence, imagination, and hands-on skills. By incorporating interactive elements and vibrant visuals, it encourages children to grasp multiplication concepts effortlessly in a playful environment.

Interactive Learning:

Engage in an interactive learning experience as kids explore the multiplication table through hands-on gameplay. This board game facilitates a dynamic learning environment, promoting a deeper understanding of multiplication in a fun and innovative way.

Multiplication Table Learning Board Game
Multiplication Table Learning Board Game

Builds Mathematical Skills:

Through the exploration of math concepts, particularly multiplication, children enhance their mathematical skills, setting a strong foundation for more advanced learning. This game helps in developing a solid grasp of numbers and mathematical operations in an exciting manner.

Stimulates Imagination:

The game not only reinforces mathematical knowledge but also stimulates creativity and imagination. As children concentrate on solving multiplication puzzles and challenges, they exercise their minds and foster imaginative thinking.

Enhances Cognitive Abilities:

By engaging with the multiplication board game, children sharpen their cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. This enriching experience promotes intellectual growth as they navigate through the world of numbers and multiplication.

Multiplication Table Learning Board Game
Multiplication Table Learning Board Game


Material: Wooden

Dimensions (baseplate): 22.5 x 22.5Cm

Applicable Age: 3+

Package Includes:

Set A: Game Board *1pc; Dices*2pcs; Chess*4pcs; Game Cards*2pcs; Multiplication card*25pcs; Addition card*25pcs; Penalty*25pcs; Instruction*1pc; Packing*1pc.

Set B: Game Board*1pc; Number*100pcs; Counting Symbol*4pcs; Answer Description*1pc; Dices*2pcs; Chess*4pcs; Game Cards*16pcs; Multiplication card*25pcs; Addition card*25pcs; Penalty*25pcs; Instruction*1pc; Packing*1pc.


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