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Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set

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Size: 3*140mm
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Product Description
Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set

The Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set represents a versatile and indispensable addition to any woodworking enthusiast's toolkit. This comprehensive set of wood rasps is expertly crafted to meet a diverse range of carpentry filing needs, offering precision, reliability, and durability.


Carpentry Filing Tool: The Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set comprises finely crafted rasps, functioning as essential carpentry filing tools. These rasps are designed to streamline the process of shaping, detailing, and refining woodwork with exceptional precision.

Medium-toothed: Each rasp within the assortment features medium-toothed surfaces, ensuring optimal material removal and shaping capabilities while maintaining an ideal level of control and finesse in woodworking applications.

Anti-Slip Handle: The rasps are equipped with anti-slip handles, providing a secure and comfortable grip during extended use. This ergonomic design feature enhances control and minimizes user fatigue, promoting efficiency and safety.

Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set
Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set

Versatile Application: The set caters to a wide spectrum of woodworking needs, from rough shaping and sculpting to intricate detailing and finishing, making it a versatile and adaptable tool set for woodworking projects of varying complexities.

Multi-sizes: Offering an assortment of files in multiple sizes, this set empowers woodworkers to tackle diverse projects with precision. The range of sizes ensures that users have the appropriate rasp on hand for any woodworking task, whether large-scale or intricate.

Durable Construction: Constructed with durability in mind, these wood rasps boast a robust build to withstand the rigors of woodworking applications, ensuring longevity and consistent performance throughout a multitude of projects.

Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set
Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set


Type: Mini Files

Teet Type: Medium-toothed

Material: Steel

Package Includes: 1 x Mini Wood Rasp Assorted Files Set (optional version).


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement. 

2. The product image shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.  Thanks!

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