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Magic Drawing Board for Kids 8.5 inch LCD

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Color: Light Blue-8.5
Style: Single Color
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Product Description
LCD Sketch Board for Kids
  • This product is user-friendly, lightweight, and portable. With its smooth writing surface and "one-touch erase" feature, your child can create crisp lines, colorful handwriting, and easily clear the screen. Perfect as a gift for toddlers, whether at home, school, or the office, let this versatile and eco-friendly drawing tablet inspire creativity and educational development.
  • Vibrant Display: This LCD writing tablet is designed with enhanced brightness and colors. The upgraded screen offers a 50% brighter display, making colors appear more vibrant and vivid. Enjoy a visually stimulating experience that brings your child’s artistic creations to life.
  • Multi-purpose: Our Graffiti Hand-Painted Electronic Blackboard serves as a drawing board, notepad, memo board, office writing board, graphic aid, and writing pad. With its versatile functions, it provides endless opportunities for learning and self-expression.
 Digital Drawing Board for Kids
Children's Electronic Drawing Board
  • Secure Lock & Battery Preservation: Prevent accidental removal or erasing with the one-button lock feature. The built-in battery ensures a lifespan of at least 12 months, with an extra one included as a replacement.
  • Eye-Protection: We prioritize the safety and well-being of your child. Our LCD drawing tablet is designed to be radiation-free and offers an eye-protected experience. Say goodbye to blue light and glare, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free drawing experience.
  • Eco-friendly design: We prioritize safety and environmental protection by securing the battery compartment and providing approximately 100,000 handwriting strokes to reduce paper and pencil waste. 
Kids Digital Writing Pad
Kids LCD Drawing Board
  • Educational Engagement: This product provides an engaging platform for preschool learning. Nurture creativity and essential skills in children. By using this doodle board to teach math and numbers, you can create enjoyable parent-child bonding moments while fostering educational growth.
  • Meaningful gift:
    When there is a birthday or a surprise event on a significant occasion of the year, this imaginative arts and crafts for kids is a lovely birthday present for teenagers, kids, artists, colleagues, family, and friends.