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✨MAGIC BATH TOY ✨ LED Glowing Ice Cubes Floating Toys

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Colors: Blue
Size: 6 pcs
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Product Description

Introducing Our LED Glowing Ice Cubes Floating Toys - Add Enchantment to Every Occasion.

Automatic Illumination
Simply clean the luminous ice cubes and place them in water. They will automatically light up, enhancing the ambiance of your setting. No manual adjustment required.

Premium Material
Crafted from food-grade PS material and electronic components, these ice cubes are non-toxic, tasteless, and completely safe. Waterproof and free from any harmful chemicals, these glowing ice cubes can be added to any beverage without worry.

Long-lasting Glow
With an impressive glow time of 8 to 25 hours, these ice cubes keep the radiance alive throughout your event, ensuring you have an uninterrupted stream of captivating colors.

Diverse Light Patterns
From colorful slow flashes to distinct shades of red, white, blue, and pink, these LED ice cubes offer a variety of illuminating experiences.

These LED Glowing Ice Cubes are the secret to creating an ethereal ambiance. Whether it's a bar, wedding, party, or any event, these cubes infuse a romantic and charming touch that elevates the atmosphere to new heights. It can also acts as a fun floating bathtub toy for kids.

Interactive Toy for Kids
These cubes offer a fantastic way to develop children's intelligence. The pack of 12 ice cubes can be rearranged into various shapes, with the colorful lights sparking their creativity and enhancing their color recognition.