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Drone Mini Flying Spinner

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Product Description
Drone Mini Flying Spinner

The Drone Mini Flying Spinner is an innovative and modern take on the classic boomerang toy, featuring advanced materials and sleek designs that elevate the outdoor gaming experience.


Lights Up in the Dark:

With neon LED lights lining the exterior and interior of the Flying Spinner, this product becomes a mesmerizing toy, especially enjoyable to play with at dusk, creating a captivating visual experience.

Safety First:

The Flying Spinner’s aerodynamic enclosed orb design ensures smooth flight and protects the hands during play, providing a safe and secure gaming experience.

Partners Games:

Children can engage in collaborative play, promoting exercise, social interaction, and the development of friendships through shared enjoyment of this dynamic toy.

Drone Mini Flying Spinner
Drone Mini Flying Spinner

Attractive Design:

The boomerang’s enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic, providing safety and ease of use when performing tricks, allowing for effortless mid-air catches and on-the-go play.

Long Battery Life:

Offering 6 minutes of operating time with just a 30-minute charge, the Flying Spinner ensures an extended and exciting play experience, complemented by a durable and lightweight design.

Versatile Design:

Whether it’s engaging as a fidget spinner, flying the mini drone for recreation, or performing mesmerizing 360-degree mid-air spins, the Drone Mini Flying Spinner offers a versatile and exhilarating outdoor gaming experience for individuals of all skill levels.

Rotating Magic Flying Spinner:

The mini drone features a 360-degree rotating magic flying spinner that will leave you amazed. This spinner is equipped with advanced aerodynamics that allow it to spin in mid-air, creating mesmerizing patterns and designs. Whether you're performing tricks or just want to watch it in action

Drone Mini Flying Spinner
Drone Mini Flying Spinner


Gender: Unisex

Weight: 58g

Material: Copolymer Type PP

Size: 11*10*5.5cm

Battery Capacity: 100mAh

Package included:

1 x Set Drone Mini Flying Spinner (Optional Versions), Includes:

+ 1 x USB

+ 1 x Manual

+ 1 x Model

1 x Set 1 Drone Mini Flying Spinner (Including Gift)

1 x Set 2 Drone Mini Flying Spinner (Including Gift)


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