Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits

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Product Description
Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits

Our Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits are the embodiment of superior craftsmanship and exceptional functionality. Designed to elevate your woodworking experience, these drill bits are a testament to innovation and reliability.

Exemplary Alloy Blade:

The blade of our Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits is meticulously crafted from high-quality alloy, leveraging perfect sintering technology to achieve superior strength and durability. Its razor-sharp edge ensures precise drilling and an extended lifespan, making it a dependable tool for your woodworking projects.

Powder Alloy Die-casting Positioning:

The positioning of the drill bits is formed using powder alloy die-casting, featuring a curve design that facilitates effective chip removal and drill performance. This innovative design enhances efficiency and precision, while the special removable strongback design simplifies the drilling process.

Versatile Compatibility:

These drill bits are compatible with handheld drills, wireless drills, and table drills, offering unparalleled flexibility for wood product hole drilling. The smooth hole drilling capability ensures a seamless woodworking experience, catering to a diverse range of drilling needs with consistency and finesse.

Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits
Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits

Adjustable Design for Precision:

The adjustable nature of these drill bits allows for precise customization, enabling users to achieve the exact depth and diameter required for their woodworking projects. This feature enhances accuracy and versatility, making the drill bits an essential tool for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Exceptional Chip Removal:

The curve design of the drill bits is optimized for efficient chip removal, ensuring clear and unobstructed drilling, resulting in clean and precise holes without the hassle of chip clogging or jamming.

Longevity and Reliability:

With its sharp cutting edge, long life expectancy, and high-quality construction, our Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits are built to withstand rigorous use, offering consistent performance and reliability, project after project.

Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits
Adjustable Carbide Drill Bits


Material type: Tungsten carbide

Single length: 78mm

Effective depth: 10~40mm

Handle length: 27mm

No package weight: 360g

Wooden box 5PC weight: 485g

Wooden box size: 16.5*11*4.5cm

Shank diameter:

15mm-(shank diameter 7mm)

20mm-(shank diameter 7mm)

25mm-(shank diameter 7mm)

30mm-(shank diameter 8mm)

35mm-(shank diameter 8mm)

Package Include:

1 * 15mm

1 * 20mm

1 * 25mm

1 * 30mm

1 * 35mm

2 * Hex wrench

1 * wooden box (according to your choice)


Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.
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