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Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game

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Product Description
Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game

The Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game is a colorful and engaging toy designed to stimulate children's minds while providing hours of entertainment. With its vibrant rainbow colors, versatile play options, and educational benefits, it offers a fun way for children to develop cognitive skills, fine motor abilities, and creativity through interactive play.


Enhanced Achievement:

The inclusion of 8 cups and two stacks provides opportunities for children to accomplish tasks and challenges, such as stacking cups in specific patterns or sequences. As they successfully complete these activities, they develop a sense of achievement and confidence in their abilities.

Versatile Play Options:

The product offers various ways to play, ensuring that children remain engaged and entertained. Whether they're stacking cups, sorting shapes, or participating in other activities, the versatility of the game prevents boredom and encourages prolonged play sessions.

Early Education Benefits:

By engaging in interactive play, children receive valuable early education benefits. They develop cognitive skills such as shape recognition, color identification, and spatial awareness. Additionally, the challenges presented in the game promote problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills, laying a foundation for academic success.

Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game
Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game

Brain Training:

The game likely presents challenges that require children to strategize and plan their actions. As they attempt to stack cups or solve puzzles, they engage in cognitive exercises that stimulate their brains and enhance their cognitive abilities.

Colorful and Stimulating:

The vibrant rainbow colors and various shapes of the cups provide sensory stimulation for children. These visual elements capture their attention and encourage exploration and discovery.

Fine Motor Skill Development:

Manipulating the cups and engaging in activities that require precise movements support the development of fine motor skills. Children refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity as they grasp, stack, and arrange the cups. 

Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game
Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game


Color: Assorted Color

Material: PP

Size: 14*8Cm/38*8Cm

Recommend Age: 3-6Y,6-12y

Gender: Unisex

Package Includes:

1 x Brain Stack Battle Puzzle Game Set 3/5 + Gifts (Optional Versions)


1. Please allow 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the screen's HDR feature, the product illustrations may display colors that are slightly different from the actual ones. Thanks!