The Top "Dos" And "Don'ts" In Vietnam

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Worried about culture shock in Vietnam? Let’s read Handspan’s article about Vietnamese etiquettes: “Dos” and “Don’ts” when traveling to Vietnam to prepare for a favorable trip in Vietnam. This article will tell you about these top “Dos,” “Don’ts,” and other Vietnamese etiquette below. 

The top “Dos” in Vietnam

First, familiarize yourself with the top “Dos” when visiting Vietnam. Below are some things you may want to refer to.

Dress politely

Traveling to Vietnam, you are advised to dress appropriately and avoid wearing thin or see-through clothes. It is considered impolite to wear these types of clothing in public, especially in temples, pagodas, and other sacred attractions. Remember to cover your arms and legs and hide your skin from revealing as much as possible. 
It’s OK to wear shorts, skirts, or crop-top shirts to bars, beaches, or at your resort. However, nudity is not encouraged, as the Vietnamese won’t put up with it and consider it offensive. 

Choose what to wear

Be respectful at religious attractions

Besides wearing moderate clothes, you should also keep silent when visiting religious attractions. No one wants to be disturbed in a peaceful place. Taking off hats and shoes before entering the shrine is also a note, as wearing hats and shoes in the Buddha Hall is taboo in Vietnamese conceptions. Besides, you shouldn’t point and touch the Buddha Statue as this is considered disrespectful. 

Buddha Statue

Learn to use some common Vietnamese words

Speaking the local language is always welcome, so as in Vietnam. Although Vietnamese is quite hard to learn, it is grateful to know some ways of salutation, like “Xin Chao” (which means “Hello” in English), “Cam on” (which means “Thank you”), “Chao Buoi Sang” (means “Good Morning”), “Chao Buoi Toi” (means “Good Evening”), etc. 

Buying books in old store

Have a map 

As Vietnam’s streets and traffic are pretty complex and hard to find routes, it will be better if you have a printed map or offline map, or make sure you have an Internet connection to use an online map to find the direction. Besides, take a card for your accommodation to get back more easily and conveniently. 

Using map when traveling

The top “Don’ts” in Vietnam

Of course, besides things to do, you also have to know about things to avoid. Let’s see these top “Don’ts” when visiting Vietnam below. 

Don’t show off 

Don’t show that you have money because there are many pickpockets and robbers on the street, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, remember to remove jewelry and accessories and keep your bag in front of you to avoid being robbed. 

Be careful of the pickpockets

Don’t express love in public

In Vietnam, it is not customary to see a couple expressing love on the street. Accordingly, it will be better if you do not draw attraction by kissing, cuddling, or touching your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband in public. Only holding hands is accepted. 

Express love in public

Don’t argue about the Vietnamese war

Coming to Vietnam, it’s OK if you would like to ask and learn about Vietnamese history. However, don’t be skeptical and argue about the Vietnamese war, as it is a sensitive topic. The war caused much damage and severe consequences for Vietnam. 

Vietnamese war

Don’t kiss on the cheeks for greetings

In your country, kissing on the cheeks for greeting may be a mannerliness. Nonetheless, in Vietnam, it is not familiar and even regarded as offensive if you are not in a close relationship with the person you are talking with. So, let’s avoid this! Instead, take a handshake.
(Source: Handspan Travel Indochina)

Kiss on the cheeks

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