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Vietnam is a communist country located at the eastern border of mainland Southeast Asia. For such a small country, its population is very high: there are more than 96 million Vietnamese. It is bordered by China, Laos, and Cambodia, and shares maritime borders with Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Its capital city is Hanoi, which has more than 8,053,000 inhabitants (but more than 19,795,000 if you include the metropolitan area!).

An interesting part of the country that I wanted to tackle is its most popular sports. In light of that, I have listed all Vietnam popular sports, and I hope you will love them:


The most popular sport in Vietnam is, by far, football.

Like many other countries, Vietnam is a fan of football and has been since the arrival of the sport, in 1896. It was brought by the French during the colonial era, and the governing body of football, the Vietnam Football Federation, was founded later in 1960. It is now in charge of everything related to the sport, but also of futsal and beach soccer.

Despite all of this, the Vietnamese football team still has to show up on the international stage.

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The second most popular sport in Vietnam is volleyball.

Volleyball is a rising sport overall, and it is very popular in Vietnam. The main reason for that is the little space it requires, how easy it is to set up, and how much the youth loves it. It is widely played in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities, which guarantees the future of volleyball in Vietnam.

When it comes to the competitive scene, the national volleyball team has won several silver medals at the Sea game.

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The third most popular sport in Vietnam is badminton.

Badminton is overall one of the most popular sports in all of Asia. Similar to volleyball, it is largely loved by the youth of the country, and it is very competitive in Vietnam. Many people set up badminton nets quite early in the morning, all around the cities. They generally play in doubles, and badminton is reputed to be great for cardio.

There is a national tournament, the Vietnam Open, which has been held since 1996.

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The fourth most popular sport in Vietnam is wrestling.

Wrestling is considered a traditional art in Vietnam, and even to this day, it attracts a lot of audiences. There is also a local tournament, the National Wrestling Championship, which often takes place in different provinces of the country, mostly during spring.

In Vietnamese wrestling, there is no ring or rope. Instead, villagers use lime to draw a square of 10 m / 32 ft on each side. Then, wrestlers rub their hands on the earth, provoking each other, before the fight actually starts.

National Wrestling Championship


The fifth most popular sport in Vietnam is cycling.

Despite Vietnam is famous for its heavy and crazy traffic, there are lots of bikers in the country. Whether it is for recreational purposes or a more serious and competitive side, Vietnamese people overall love cycling. You will often see the countryside filled with bikers, and sometimes there is more than one person on the bike!

On top of this, almost everyone in the country has a bike, whether it is children who go to school or old women who bring back market goods.

(Source: Kevmrc Travel)


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