Top 3 milk tea shops to try in Saigon

Top 3 milk tea shops to try in Saigon - Dipo Store

Anyone who sets foot in Saigon probably would notice right away that we almost have a milk tea shop on every corner. It can be a little overwhelming for those who are not milk tea expert but want to give the drink a try.

Koi Thé

Koi is a Taiwanese brand with the owner’s passion to spread her love for Taiwanese to the world. Founded in 2005, Koi already had its first oversea store in Singapore just 1 year later.

The brand doesn’t just celebrate Taiwan’s tea culture but also the art of hand-made artisan tea using fresh ingredients for a perfect cup of tea.

So what to try at Koi Thé since they have a relatively big menu for all kinds of tea!?

Their signature drinks!

Koi Thé Bubble Milk Tea

You can’t really miss out on the Macchiato! If you’re a fan of tea then the Black tea macchiato is a must try. This one has a the light aroma yet a rich taste of fresh tea topped with a creamy layer!
For those chocolate lovers out there, Ovaltine Macchiato is like a go-to. It’s not too sweet with a rich chocolate note, then just a bit bitterness kicks in on the first sip. You can have a scoop of ice-cream on top for some extra sweetness.

They also have a Matcha macchiato if you like the bitterness of green tea.

Now for the more exciting drinks! They’ve recently launched some new drinks.

If you haven’t heard of Yakult before, it’s a very popular yogurt drink in the asian culture. Koi took a more creative approach and added the ever famous drink into their teas with added fruity flavours. If you love Yakult then it’s really worth a try!

And also, they can’t miss out on the brown sugar with fresh milk trend!

If you have a sweet tooth then OKINAWA brown sugar fresh milk can be your best friend. Brown sugar is caramelised to create a strong sweetness that will be balanced out by fresh milk. Very refreshing yet very dessert-like!

Cheese coffee

Well, you can kind of tell by the name that this is not a milk tea specialty place. However, they have several milk teas that are quite loved by locals.

Cheese Coffee has branded itself as a cafe inspired by modern European styled coffee shops. They have quite a big menu from coffee, tea, macchiato and milk tea.

They cover some basic flavours of milk tea like oolong milk tea and matcha latte for those who like the traditional tastes.

But they also have some interesting flavours going on such as their best seller Jasmine almond. This drink is the combination of a flower scent followed with a buttery taste of almond. Definitely a must try at Cheese Coffee!

Cheese Coffee Shop

Shortbread milk tea, on the other hand, has a very chocolate based flavour. It’s like you’re drinking an iced-chocolate but a little sweeter and has more butter taste. We don’t think a lot of milk tea shops in Saigon has this drink, it’s unique at Cheese Coffee.

They’ve recently added another addition to their milk tea family. Meet their Avocado milk tea! It looks so refreshing! This drink is made freshly picked avocado and topped with milk foam.

Of course, like any other milk tea place, you can add more toppings to your milk tea. However, we recommend everyone to try the choco crunch topping here as it’s not your generic chocolate sprinkle. It tastes a bit like smashed up chocolate flavoured captain crunch on top of your milk tea, so interesting!


Comebuy is similar Koi Thé in a sense that they’re both international milk tea chain originated from Taiwan. The brand is known for using fresh tea leaves from their own farm in Taiwan, brewing the tea on the spot based on what customers order, giving every drink a unique taste only at Comebuy.

Some of their signature milk teas are Comebuy milk tea with tapioca black pearls, sweet potato and taro flavours. Besides, there are Neptune milk tea and roasted Oolong milk tea, which are also a customer’s faves

Besides, they also a drink with very catchy name which is teaccino. Teaccino at Comebuy is a range of matcha, chocolate or black tea flavoured topped with a thick layer of whipped milk foam.

(Source: Kamereo) 

Comeby Coffee Shop

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