Foreign passengers being impressed with Da Nang - Quy Nhon luxury train

Foreign passengers being impressed with Da Nang - Quy Nhon luxury train - Dipo Store

(TITC) - The luxury class of the train embarking from Da Nang to Quy Nhon (South Central Vietnam) is The Vietage, launched in 2020, yet was interrupted due to the pandemic and resumed operations from April this year. One-way tickets cost USD$350 and the journey takes about 6 hours.

Chris Dwyer, an editor of SCMP, experienced a journey from Da Nang to Quy Nhon by The Vietage and felt surreal. He expressed his feelings through a post on SCMP. On the USD$350 train, Chris Dwyer’s eyes are always on the window to enjoy the view.

Da Nang Railway

At Da Nang Railway Station, the Vintage staff proffered a cool glass of prosecco  . Outside, in the lobby, vendors sell food, including local coffee with condensed milk, families gathered. Children love to press their noses against the windows of the carriages.

From outside, the luxury carriage looks like the rest, but inside, it's a completely different world with wooden interiors, the main colour is caramel. A carriage with only 12 seats, all tagged with passengers' names.

The train departs at 8.30am sharp, passing by the suburbs of Da Nang. It is a pity that the journey does not have an impressive coastline like the North - South train journey (from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City). However, Chris regardlessly enjoyed the journey and immersed himself into the daily life of the countryside like buffalo ploughing the fields, people in rice fields, majestic bridges over rivers, mountains rising from the horizon...

Free seat area for passengers

Before lunch, passengers will be offered a free massage session. That's when Chris was having the time just to himself, looking up from the window to see a motorcyclist or a grazing buffalo looking at him. "It's not that confusing anymore, it's become surreal", Chris describes.

He was seated in a soft black leather massage chair, facing the window. At that moment, according to him, he had a conflict with closing his eyes to totally relax but missing the stunning sights of Vietnam or having a massage while enjoying the view. The massage session on the train to him was such a wonderful experience. The train tilted gently, lulling him to relaxed feelings.

Train journey

After that, passengers had their lunch including seafood salad, Wagyu beef covered with shredded carrots, Da Lat strawberry yoghurt. During the 6-hour journey, passengers are also served premium wine, champagne, caviar… Chris couldn't stop himself looking out the window and immersed in the like-a-movie view even though he had to skip his sleep.

The Vietage luxury carriage is on the Thong Nhat train SE21, departing daily from Da Nang Railway Station in the morning and arriving in Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh Province) in the afternoon. Trains pass through Tra Kieu, Tam Ky, Quang Ngai stations... The Vietage was conceived to provide a luxury shuttle service between Anantara Hoi An Resort and Anantara Quy Nhon Resort, yet anyone can join this journey.

(Source: Vietnam Timeless Charm) 

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