Christmas in Hanoi - Vietnam: A full guide to spend your holiday in December

Christmas in Hanoi - Vietnam: A full guide to spend your holiday in December - Dipo Store

Christmas in Vietnam is annually celebrated with various exciting welcoming activities. Known as one of the most important worldwide holidays, Christmas has never failed to attract people with various ways to celebrate in different nations, and Vietnam is not an exception.

Decorate the house with Christmas trees and items

One of the most popular Christmas decorations in Vietnam is the Christmas tree with many colourful items such as Santa Claus figures, bells and lights. Not only used for home decoration, those items are also commonly seen along the streets, since Vietnamese people tend to gather at shopping centers and other public areas during this holiday. 

Christmas decoration

Spend Christmas night in the church

For Christians, celebrating Christmas Eve in a well-decorated and reputable church is an indispensable tradition. On this occasion, local churches often welcome numerous visitors and hold exciting events nearby.

Hanoi Church

Enjoy Christmas food in Vietnam

Like any other festival, Christmas in Vietnam is celebrated with many typical foods. Christmas food in Vietnam may include chicken soup or turkey, which are worldwide traditional Christmas dishes, along with various local specialties.

On this occasion, many food stalls and restaurants are open because Vietnamese people often enjoy Christmas by eating out instead of having private family gatherings.

Christmas cake

Give Christmas gifts and cards to the loved ones

Since Christmas is considered a big occasion in Vietnam, presents are part and parcel for people celebrating this holiday. This activity is certainly more popular among Christian families since Christmas is a part of their religious life. Kids are often the most excited to receive surprising gifts from their parents and other adults as rewards for their efforts before Christmas. 

 (Source: Vinpearl) 


Christmas gift

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