Best Boutiques For Shopping in Hoi An

Lanterns in Hoi An

 Fusion architecture designs, yellow walls or colorful lanterns make Hoi An become special and unique. Among the must-dos while in town, one can never understate the pleasure for shopping. In fact, Hoi An boasts the best of shopping in Vietnam, with many coffee houses, art galleries or boutique shops crowding the downtown area. Below is a list 10 best places to stop by for your shopping venture.

Aobaba Hoi An

Aobaba Hoi An is a well-known family-run tailoring boutique in Hoi An with its large textile product collection and impeccable tailoring services. This is also one of the most loved boutique stores in Hoi An by domestic and foreign tourists.

Ready-to-wear clothes in Hoi An

At Aobaba, you can choose fashion items from the to-date catalog - a collection of ready-to-wear clothes meticulously sewn with a variety of designs and styles, or request a tailor to make according to your template based on the professional tailor's advice to create an outfit which is both fashionable, unique and personalized. In particular, your measurements are kept for 3 years at the store, so you can request to tailor your favorite designs during that time. In addition, the service quality of the store's staff has received many good reviews from visitors. At Aobaba, you receive enthusiastic consultants, sincere advice, and agility in working style. Therefore, Aobaba is an ideal shopping and tailoring spot for you to own the most unique and quality outfits.

Aobaba in Hoi An

Pho-La Boutique

It is flawed if Pho-La Boutique is not on the list of the best boutique shops in Hoi An. This is the ideal shopping address for women when traveling to Hoi An with a variety of models from boutique style to European style.

From a distance, you can easily recognize Pho-La Boutique with its open space and design based on the two main colors blue - yellow creating a spacious, cozy, comfortable space with typical features of Hoi An. The shop's products are unique and varied from designs to colors with stylish dresses, sexy colorful camisoles, dynamic T-shirts, shorts full of personality, thereby giving you a youthful, dynamic and comfortable style. Pho-La Boutique is a suitable shopping destination for you if you do not know what to wear on Hoi An trip because the shop's items are easy to match and suitable for the atmosphere of Hoi An, or convenient for the beach trip.

If you are wondering about the clothes for a trip to Hoi An, Pho-La Boutique can help you to solve the problem with unique and outstanding outfits full of Hoi An vibe.

Unique boutique in Hoi An

Hot Chilli

Don't miss Hot Chilli if you're looking for something for a cocktail party or beach trip with friends and relatives. With the notion of free-spirit, the store products contain liberality, youthfulness and modernity.
Inspired by ancient art forms and handcrafted with 100% natural cotton, Hot Chilli's items are created with the best quality based on today's latest printing technology, thereby bringing uniqueness and comfort and boldness for customers.

The shop gives you a wide options of dresses, menswear, shoes, tops, yoga clothes and accessories. In particular, the price here is quite low compared to the quality of the product - which are hand-painted, designed, made and printed in-house with high-quality materials, so Hot Chilli is always the ideal shopping spot for domestic and foreign visitors, especially the avid traveler, the bohemian and the wild people.

Besides, the professionalism and psychology of the shop staff is worth receiving many compliments when helping visitors enjoy the shopping moments with a happy and satisfied mood. With uniqueness and boldness, Hot Chilli promises to awaken your adventurous spirit in every trip.

Hoi An's corner

Yaly Couture

The tailoring culture has become a unique characteristic of Hoi An - a factor that helps to attract many domestic and foreign tourists to this ancient city. When referring to the tailor shop, Yaly Couture cannot be missed. The shop has become a well-known shopping and tailoring destination with 3 beautiful boutiques in Hoi An.

With the professionalism and delicate tailoring skills of the tailoring team, challenges such as embroidery, bead work, sequins or multiple layers of fabric are all handled smoothly and perfectly at Yaly Couture. The shop's products are made from the best fabric materials like silks, cottons, cashmeres, top end wools. So the suits that Yaly Couture provides you are not only the costumes, but the soul of Hoi An artisans, and the typical local beauty.

A plus point for Yaly Couture is the enthusiastic and friendly service attitude of its staff. You will be consulted, and accompanied throughout the process of making products, answered questions and given sincere advice, so customers walking out of the store are in a satisfied and happy mood. 
(Source: Vietnam Online)

Yaly Couture

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