Starbucks holiday drinks to try this cozy winter

Starbucks holiday drinks to try this cozy winter - Dipo Store

As the winter months roll around, so does the season of bright lights, cozy bonfires and snugly sweaters. With the holidays just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the special occasion than with a seasonal drink next to a fireplace? Here are some festive Starbucks beverages to warm yourself up as you get into the joy of this holiday season.

Peppermint frappuccino 

The Peppermint white mocha frappuccino appears once every year during the month of December when the holidays come around. With the base being a white mocha flavor, you get a perfect hint of mintiness mixed with the rich chocolate flavors. 
With all mint-flavored foods, there’s always that slight chance that it will taste too much like toothpaste, but this frappuccino has a softer tone that mixes subtly with the mocha. The mint merely serves to enhance the flavor and provides a lovely aftertaste of fresh mint.
This drink would be a great option if looking for a cold, refreshing drink that brings the holiday spirit—a perfect alternative to a candy cane peppermint on a Christmas morning. If you enjoy a minty, fresh frappuccino, this is definitely the drink for you.

White mocha peppermint cold brew

As a popular item on the Starbucks Secret Menu, this cold brew is sure to bring the Christmas spirits right to your home. With a cold brew base like the name suggests, the drink is delicately swirled with four pumps of mocha and two pumps of peppermint, topped with a layer of peppermint cold foam and sweet chocolate curls. 
Despite the numerous amounts of peppermint included, this refreshing beverage has just the right amount of minty freshness combined with deep flavors of coffee, creating the perfect mix between fresh and bitter. Flavors of Christmas with a pump of coffee? What better way to embrace the festive celebrations?
Although some may perceive cold brews as a bitter drink, they have lower acidity and are more flavorful than espressos or cappuccinos, making it the perfect beverage for those looking for some caffeine to start off their day but are not used to the sharp flavors of black coffee.

Caramel spiced apple frappuccino 

Another item on the secret menu at Starbucks, the sweet winter drink features a cream-based Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino with apple juice, caramel drizzle and even more Cinnamon Dolce powder on top. This fall-style beverage is sure to keep the fall vibes while serving as a transition into the cozy winter.
With a perfect mix of sweet and smoky, this drink is like an oven-fresh apple pie and a scoop of ice cream all in one. The rich caramel touch, combined with the refreshing apple juice and sweet cinnamon powder, is sure to bring the Christmas spirit on a cold winter day. 
If you enjoy a sweet frappuccino with a spicy kick of cinnamon, this drink will be the perfect choice to get this holiday season.

Caramel Brulee latte

The signature espresso, steamed milk and rich caramel brulée sauce are finished with whipped cream and a supreme topping of even more caramel brulée bits. It’s definitely on the sweeter side and more appealing to anyone with a big sweet tooth. 
Little bits of charred, crunchy caramel at the surface and mixed throughout the drink give it a nice texture. This warm latte is perfect for a cold, Christmas morning to bring the holiday spirit. A twist on the original caramel latte, this holiday version has an additional Brulee flavor, which adds a bit of smokiness. 
If you enjoy a strong, espresso coffee on the sweeter side, this drink is the perfect drink to try during the month of December. 

Sugar Cookie almond milk latte

A Christmas tradition from Santa himself is a good glass of milk with any cookies. It brings the Christmas spirit through a piece of delicious sugar. A true classic flavor would have to be sugar cookies. So, why not try to make the classic pastry into a drink version? With caffeine!
The sugar cookie almond milk latte has a perfect blend of coffee, sugar and creaminess! The sugar cookie foam adds a layer of creaminess that coats the tongue with a delicious cookie and sprinkles taste. What’s not to love about a cookie turned into a drink?
This drink is mixed with Starbucks’ seasonal pumps of sugar cookie syrup, a healthy alternative of almond milk and a layer of cookie foam topped off with green and red sprinkles. The warmth from the latte is a perfect option for cold mornings and will remind you that it’s the best time of the season! 
We hope you enjoy these delicious new drinks during your holiday break. Make sure to try these seasonal flavors at your nearest Starbucks to get in the perfect Christmas spirit!

(Source: Baron news - Minh Le) 

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